Rustic Residential Gutters

Soffit and Fascia

As much as gutters are important to your house so are Soffit and Fascia. Soffit and Fascia are the boards on the edges of your roof that make your house stylish and also act as support for your gutters. Keeping these maintained can help to protect your roof.

Soffit and fascia are trim, flashing, or covers, for the eaves section of your roof.

Gutters, fascia, and drip edges work together to deflect water from your roof to the ground without damaging the roof, walls, or foundation of your home.

Soffit and Fascia are important for stopping air, moisture, and other outdoor concerns from entering your house. Their purpose is to close off the outer edge of your rafter tails and outer eves so your attic is protected from water damage, rodents and the elements.

Properly installed soffits also function to maximize attic ventilation, avoiding the introduction of condensation and mold. They can even enhance your home’s comfort level while minimizing power bills in the warm summer months.


Drainage Systems channel the water away from your house and yard with a drainage system. Enjoy a better lawn and less erosion to your concrete and walkways.

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